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A Journey to Joy


Our Mission

Encourage, Equip & Enable

God is waiting to be invited into a loving relationship with you. We want to help you to rediscover the JOY that comes from seeking God FIRST. As we learn to prioritize daily time in God’s Word we begin to experience the abundant life Jesus wants us to have! JoyShop Ministries is here to equip you to get started in the journey.


Our Values

Ministry & Beliefs



The inspired, authoritative, and inerrant Word of God.



Existing in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



His birth, His life, His resurrection, and His future coming.



Grace through personal faith in Jesus Christ.



Dwelling and empowering Christians to live a godly life.



The judgment of the just and unjust.



The Body of Christ consisting of all believers everywhere, unified in faith.

Whether you like it or not, read and pray daily. It is for your life; there is no other way: else you will be trifler all your days . . . you have to be at the spout where the glory comes out.”

John Wesley


Our Ministry

People & Places

We hold JoyShops nationally and internationally, speaking to audiences of various sizes, ages and lifestyles. Speaking to such a broad and diverse audience, we are able to impact more individuals, helping to bring joy into their lives by seeking God first.

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A Journey to Joy

ABout Anita

Anita Keagy founded JoyShop Ministries in 2006 with one simple mission: To inspire people to spend time with God every day through Bible reading and prayer. Since then, she has traveled nationwide and internationally, sharing her message of seeking God first each day as the key to abundant life and joy. Thousands of people have heard and responded to her dynamic message at conferences, retreats, school chapel settings and churches.

With a compelling story of how God used a very difficult situation in her life for His glory, Anita shares candidly how she became pregnant as a teenager – all the more “scandalous” because she was a preacher’s daughter – and made the difficult choice to place her daughter for adoption. Although she never had the privilege to see or hold her child, Anita never stopped yearning to know her first-born daughter, even as she married and had four more children. Through a file of letters and the help of her adoption agency, Anita finally met her firstborn 21 years later. God used Anita’s own desire to know her child to impress upon her how much He wants to know His children – us! With that knowledge, a ministry was born that is now thriving and impacting lives every day.

Anita is the author of, “The File: A Mother and Child’s Life-Changing Reunion.” Her motivational 6 session DVD series, “Seeking God First,” has encouraged and challenged those who long for a deeper relationship with God. Her DVD, “Letters from an Unknown Daughter” is her personal testimony of motherhood, hope, and healing. Her book and DVD series, along with additional supportive materials, can be purchased on her website.

Anita Keagy lives in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, with her husband Paul. She is the mother of 5 adult children, and 11 grandchildren. She attended Messiah College and received training from both Kay Arthur, of Precept Ministries, and Anne Graham Lotz.

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Listed below are a few of the hundreds of testimonies that we have collected to give you more insight into Joyshop and its effectiveness.
To God be the glory!


Parent of middle schooler

Dear Anita, I have 2 sons in middle school … Both of my boys were at the middle school retreat that you spoke at and they both spoke very highly of you. I wanted to personally take the time to say thank you to you. I firmly believe in letting people know when, through their obedience to the call of God on their lives, they make a difference in someone’s life. Ever since that retreat, my son has been reading his Bible EVERY DAY before he goes to bed. I know that this will make an eternal difference in his life and all that God has for him. I wanted to be sure to tell you how grateful his father and I are that you were obedient in your message to all those kiddos at that retreat. So please know that you have made a difference! Blessings to you in your personal life, your ministry, and ALL that you put your hands to!! I pray that you prosper in every way in Jesus’ name! Blessings and have a wonderful day!

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Viewers from Right Now Media

“Our small group just finished your JoyShop sessions … We have been transformed into daily Bible readers and motivated to spend quiet time with God every morning! Thank you!!!!”   Vicki A.

Thank you for sharing your story. I logged on to the RightNow Media site this morning hoping to find a study that would speak to me. I have been a Christian for 20 years and I love the LORD, but find myself in a dry and empty place right now. I feel distant from God and doing all the ‘right’ things is leaving me void of how I think I should feel. I was drawn to the title of the study “Seeking God First”. I listened to your first session and wow did it hit me in my heart and mind … I am so thankful that God spoke to you in such a personal way that you had to share His heart for us with everyone.”   Sally G.

“Our church uses RightNow Media. This summer I spent some time on it looking for a great study to do with a small group … I checked out a lot of studies and when I came across this study I was sold! Anita absolutely spoke to my heart and I knew without a doubt that this was the study God wanted me to share. I am starting tomorrow morning, and have eleven women signed up to come. God is working here!”   Julie B.

“I cannot describe in words how much this study has helped me. I have done many, many Bible studies, mostly Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer over some 20 years … but this study is a must for all!! I have shared with everyone how much this study has meant to me … I feel so strongly that God wants me to continue leading this study until I run out of ladies to lead!”    Anita S

“I can’t tell you how the videos spoke to me. I am looking forward to sharing the series with the life group.”  
From a retired pastor


Some Junior High Students

Thank you so much for coming to our school. Before you came I was kind of a luke warm Christian. Because of you, I am going to read my Bible every day! My dad is actually a pastor. I loved your sermon and story. Thank you!”

Thank you so much! I’ve never written a letter to God, but I did today.”

Testimonies from high school students

“Thank you so much for sharing with me. You have changed my life forever. You have done more than you’ll every know!”

“Thank you! You helped me figure out how to seek God again!”

“Your workshop has made me want to get closer to God. I am going to start getting up earlier for devotions. I am excited to start the 21 Day Challenge!”