Testimonies - More

Listed below are a few of the hundreds of testimonies that we have collected to give you more insight into Joyshop and its effectiveness.
To God be the glory!



“We LOVED having you in chapel. I received such positive feedback from both students and faculty about how much they appreciated hearing your story. We so deeply appreciate your being willing to come and share with us. It had a huge impact on our student body. Thank you for your ministry to us!”


Years later.....

“Today during my quiet time you came to my mind. Recently getting into the Word has been a struggle. The busyness of life has gotten the better of me in recent months and I have been spending so little time reading God’s Word. Your story came to my mind. It reminded me how God’s Word is like letters written personally to each of us and how devastating it must be for Him if we aren’t reading them and how everything we could possibly need can be found in His letters for us. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for sharing your story!! It has made an impact on so many including myself.”   from a young adult remembering from time past


Christian School

“One of the possible dangers of the Christian school for kids is that the Bible becomes another academic subject, not the life-changing and life-orienting Word of God that it is.  Enter Anita Keagy – she breathed new life into the spiritual lives of our students, giving them a fresh vision of the Bible and its importance for Christians.  Her transparency with students gave her messages an authenticity that is important for young people today if they are going to internalize our words.  They didn’t just hear about God and the Bible – they saw and experienced it through her sharing, both in chapels and in the classrooms.  In the aftermath of Spiritual Emphasis Week, many students reported a renewed commitment to not only reading the Bible in their personal lives, but really studying it and making it a part of who they are."  Pastor Jim Terwilliger -  Director of Spiritual Development at MeadowBrook Christian School