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Our Mission

Encourage, Equip & Enable

God is waiting to be invited into a loving relationship with you. We want to help you to rediscover the JOY that comes from seeking God FIRST. As we learn to prioritize daily time in God’s Word we begin to experience the abundant life Jesus wants us to have! JoyShop Ministries is here to equip you to get started in the journey.


Start Your Journey

21 Day Challenge

Start seeking God first today through your Bible. Grow closer and strengthen your relationship with the Lord through prayer and reflection. While there is no single method to enhancing your relationship with God, this challenge will help guide you as you begin.


The Joyshop Story

Anita's Journey

In 1975, Anita placed a little baby girl up for adoption. For twenty-one years she did not know where her little girl was, but longed to seek for her with the hope of finding her some day.

As her daughter’s 18th birthday approached, Anita began to place letters in a file at the adoption agency in hopes that she would ask for the file, read the letters, and desire a relationship with Anita when she became of legal age. The purposes of the letters were to let her know that Anita loved her and was open to a relationship. Anita could only pray that curiosity would draw her to the file and that it would lead to a wonderful friendship.